Business Valuation

Our team of CBV's in Regina, Saskatchewan provide an independent opinion on the value of any business, company or series of assets. We have the expertise and skills required to accurately determine fair value.

Chartered Business Valuators (“CBV's”) are recognized by the courts and business community as reliable experts in the provision of in-depth analysis of findings in a report format consistent with the Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators (“CICBV”) practice standards.

Our team of CBV's has experience ranging across a multitude of industries and capacities. Our professionals can provide an independent opinion on the value of any business or series of assets. Benson Badger's CBV's can provide value conclusions to assist with:

  • Business or Asset Sales, Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Matrimonial Disputes
  • Shareholder Buyouts and Disputes
  • Economic Loss / Damage Quantification
  • Litigation Support / Expert Witness 
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Estate Freezes
  • Succession Planning
  • Partnership Dissolutions

We customize and integrate our independent services to meet our client’s specific requirements on any given engagement.

Deciding on the Appropriate Valuation Report

In determining the appropriate type of valuation report it is important to consider the purpose, availability of supporting information, need for assurance and the credibility of the report for the intended purpose. The Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators practice standards outline three main types of Valuation Reports:

Calculation of Value

  • Calculation Valuation Reports provide the lowest level of detail, concise descriptions of information, analysis and commentary and come with the lowest level of assurance.
  • Typical uses for Calculation Valuation Reports can include matrimonial disputes, high-level reviews and preliminary analysis.

Estimate of Value

  • Estimate Valuation Reports contain more detail than a Calculation Valuation Report but are less detailed than a Comprehensive Valuation Report. Estimate Valuation Reports have a wider scope of review than a Calculation Valuation Report and will include detailed industry and economic analysis to support our value conclusions. The value conclusion in an Estimate Valuation Report contains a higher level of assurance than a Calculation Valuation Report.
  • Typical uses for Estimate Valuation Reports can include business purchase and sales, litigation, internal planning purposes, evaluation of strategic options and income tax planning.

Comprehensive Valuation

  • Comprehensive Valuation Reports include a comprehensive scope of review and estensive research into business operations, economics trends and industry movement to support our value conclusions. Comprehensive Valuation Reports comes with the highest level of assurance.
  • Typical uses for Comprehensive Valuation Reports can include litigation and business purchase and sales.

Other Report Types

  • There are several other types of reports that can be written to the standard of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators, including:
    • Limited Critique Reports
    • Fairness Opinions
    • Investment Entity Review Reports



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