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Improving Female Representation in Executive & Board Roles

Gender inequality remains a significant challenge across various industries and sectors, particularly when it comes to senior leadership and board positions. There is increasing corporate pressure to improve female representation amongst these roles. This is being driven by the recognition of the business advantages, stakeholder expectations and evolving ESG related reporting requirements and rating agencies. 

Bridging the equality gap is more than just checking off a box, it requires targeted and intentional programs that aim to develop, advance, and retain diverse talent. Ensuring there is a sufficient talent pool of female employees, requires consideration of the barriers. Specifically, advancing and retaining females during early motherhood. 

As a young mother to three amazing little humans, I can attest to the challenges in maintaining career momentum and development during these early years. Bridging the gap and staying on par with my male peers requires flexibility, customized solutions, and supportive leadership. 

So what can employers do to develop and advance women during early motherhood?

  • Review & Update Policies: competitive maternity and parental leave policy, top-up programs, flexible work arrangements
  • Customize Development & Training: job sharing, mentorship programs, targeted training on specific projects or job functions
  • Effective Communication & Scheduling: consideration and awareness of hybrid schedules, ensuring inclusion on projects and meetings 
  • Organizational Culture & Leadership: foster an inclusive culture that values work-life balance and supports employees during early parenthood

Benson Badger Advisory Group provides ESG Strategy services to help your business adapt and respond to increasing stakeholder expectations, reporting requirements and trends. We understand your unique challenges, and work with you to provide realistic and tailored solutions. 

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This article was written by Benson Badger Senior Associate, Gabrielle Schubach, CPA.